Tested Technology That Does No Good For Your Dog

You’ll not get far with this one right now


Image created by the author in CANVA PRO.

Own a dog?

One that has excessive amounts of fur, that seems to malt as frequently as the changeable weather, then you’ll know it’s time to reach for those headache tablets.

Oh, and your favorite color in your life is and always will be… ‘dog hair color!’

But, there is a ‘wondervac’ on the market… yes, the pet vacuum…apparently, these have specially developed rollers that can let the vacuum pick up & collect the dog hair whilst not allowing that hair to wrap itself around the roller and clog it up.

Hmm… ‘anti-wrap technology.’

“I’ll never trust a salesperson ever again😂!"

I’ve not tried any anti-wrap vacuum's that have held up their end of the bargain yet.

So, let me cheer you up with a daft joke about a vacuum clean to leave you with a smile.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Bing.

Sorry, I didn’t promise it’d be in any way funny!



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