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Turn Your Envy Into Energy

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Women are not the enemy, but your mind can be. There is enough money, success, and power to go around for all of us.

If you see another woman with something that makes you feel a little envious, use it as a sign that maybe it’s what you want too.

Don’t shut down from seeing six-pack abs, vacation pics, or happy moments; instead, use it to promote positive energy in your life.

Challenge yourself to think differently when you see another woman thrive. If she worked hard to achieve it, you have the opportunity to make it happen too!

Together, we win.

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Tiffany Hoxie

Tiffany Hoxie


I help women get out of their own way and live their dream life. As seen in FORBES & more! Mindset & success tips. Follow along on Instagram