Want To Increase Your Chances of Getting Published?

Lola Rosario
The Shortform
1 min readJun 14, 2024


Rejection in literary spaces is common. So, when this Authors Publish email arrived, I read further.

Per their 25 Approachable Literary Journals

Some journals accept a lot more submissions than others. Acceptance rates change all the time.

These are not the only publishers that are easy to get into, but they are a good place to start if your sole goal is to get published in a literary journal.

(1) Down in The Dirt

Revealing all your dirty little secrets.”

What: poetry, prose, essays, art work

(2) 50-word Stories

When: From the 1st to the 15th of the month
What: Fiction expressed in “exactly 50 words
Where: /

(3) Rat’s Ass Review

Roderick Bates, Editor

When: July 1 through August 1
What*: Poetry (up to 5)
Where: Website / Email:

*Note: Accepts art throughout the year

Thanks to Caitlin Jans at Authors Publish.