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What My Boy Learned Watching ‘White Tiger’ on Netflix

It was the scene where Pinky killed a child while drunk driving. She drove off leaving the body behind.

It shocked Kai. Little did he realized how harsh the outside world could be beyond his cozy bedroom.

Martinus J. Ungeveld, an educational theorist once said;

“The child lives in a world that provides them with a structure of qualities which offers security, but it may eventually restrain him.”

We often wondered if Kai could understand the ‘cruel’ part of this world. Would he be able to sympathize or empathize with others? Both of these feelings are not the easiest to teach.

But that night, Netflix showed Kai a scene that made him felt a deep sense of sorrow and subsequently became ‘aware’ of the world.

Credit to YouTube-Netflix

Thank you, QCW



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