Micro Fiction Challenge

When Quilts Are Your Only Protection From What You Fear The Most In The Night

Before the goblins are unleashed … again


Photo by Max Saeling on Unsplash

The two young lovers chased one another across the warm, soft, golden sands that adorned the wide-open beach, free to smile, free to laugh, free to love once more.

No care in the world, nothing could have overshadowed the feelings of such happiness that they were sensing right here, right now. But the skies were darkening now, they needed to get home right away … before ‘they’ came out to wreak havoc.

Hurrying home, it gradually began. Lightning struck, again and again, magical barriers were lowered, and each flash saw those goblins pounce.

Screams rang out … fell silent …

“Can you get those neck hairs rising in fear?”

Well, come on and see if you can.

Rise to The ShortForm’s publication’s newest regular challenge -

The Micro Fiction 100-word story.

Go ahead, unleash your imagination in no more than 100 words.

It’s fun.

It’s new.

It’s exciting.

It’s now.

Don’t forget to include the kicker!

Micro Fiction Challenge.



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