Why Do I Bother With Long Stories?

Shortform has been outperforming long-form for two months straight

The Shortform


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My most-read story with over 30K views? A shortform.

My most viewed stories over the past 2 months? Shortform.

My highest earning stories in the last 2 months? Shortform.

The bottom line: Shortform is now consistently outranking my long-form content on this platform.

The question

Why do I still bother with long-form then?

  1. Shortform takes less time to write. About 1/4 to 1/5 for me.
  2. Shortform is easy on the readers, saving them valuable time.
  3. Shortform gets straight to the point without blabbering.

The answer

Why do I still bother?

  1. Sometimes 150 words are really not enough. I usually end up with 500–1000 words then.
  2. In the long run, my long-form content keeps gaining views, while shortform views usually decline.
  3. No curation for shortform. Curation can help with virality later on.



The Shortform

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