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Why It’s The Very Same Curiosity That’s Killing Us

Well, that’s an unpopular opinion, or is it?

Curiosity is a double-edged sword. Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

The addictions of the 21st century are heavily foundational on “curiosity”.

Else why you’d unlock your phones like 80 times a day? (Source)

Else why would you keep doomscrolling Twitter or watch reels after reels on Instagram?

Have you noticed something even more interesting: When this “curiosity” combines with “instant gratification”, its powers increase exponentially. Cheap dopamine is becoming cheaper!

These websites make you stay on them by combining these two strong invisible forces. We oftentimes regret why we spent so much time. We could’ve done a lot. but we still go there — again and again. That’s curiosity.

So before this drug kills us, let's make medicines from it and use it to heal. In other words, limit the time you spend.



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