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You Don’t Have To Finish Reading Every Book

Reading should be fun.

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Most people believe that they need to finish reading every book they read. Unfortunately, I was one of those people.

But now, I have understood that I was wrong.

You can stop reading a book midway.

What!? Really?

Some books are just not worth it. You hear good reviews and buy them. But they turn out to be complete trash.

If you don’t like a book, just don’t read it. Instead, you could use that time to read something worthy.

Read the first few chapters and see if you like the content. Similarly, you can also use the ten percent rule:

  • Read 10% of the book.
  • If you like it, continue.
  • If you don’t, stop reading and move on to the next one.

Reading should be fun. It should not be forced.




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