A Friday Thought.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

It’s the end of the week, we made it! For those of us that work a 9–5, we are constantly counting down to this day. Whether you’re ending your week or starting it, go into each day with a deep breath and a peaceful mind. Take everything that comes your way one step at a time and take a moment to be grateful. Keep in mind that that job you’re annoyed with because you couldn’t take the day off at a moment’s notice, and that bland coffee you got from the shop this morning others would love to have. We are lucky to live the lives that we do, take a moment to reflect and be thankful. A positive attitude and positive output into the world will always find its way back to you, oftentimes it shows up when we need it most.

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

Do the MPP criteria apply to personal publications…

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