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Sometimes I multiply one thing by the days, weeks, months I’ve lived, and I’m impressed by what I could’ve done so far.

One thing I multiply is to write a page every month.

The page can be about an event in the world, an idea, what I’m working on, anything…

#3 (To) Infinitive verbs (and beyond)

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In the third of my 5 tips to improve your sentence variety, we come to the infinitive verb. An infinitive verb is the base form of the verb, usually with the word ‘to’ in front of it. E.g. to run, to hide, to quiver.

To get out of the habit of starting with a noun phrase at the beginning of a sentence, make the infinitive verb the subject of your sentence.

E.g. He scaled the wall so he could steal her heart.

If you swap the clauses around, it becomes:

So he could steal her heart, he scaled the wall.

Making the infinitive the subject, it becomes:

To steal her heat, he scaled the wall.

Used sparingly it really adds variety to your expression and makes your writing much more interesting to read.

Portrait of a happy woman
Portrait of a happy woman
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Match the right question with the right process

Words have touched the lives of men, inspired them, and pushed them through their limits.

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The ancient writing from the sacred book of the Christians says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” written by apostle John (John 1:1–3).

Words are powerful, and you possess this power; the power to create and to turn things into something magical.

Words can bring peace. Words have the ability to help and heal.

Words have captured the hearts of many from stories of love and happy endings.

Write a poem, an essay, an article, or a book. Share your experiences, your knowledge, your stories.

Inspire your readers. Give them love, give them hope, give them strength.

Imagine the impact you can bring to better the lives of others, and make this world a better place to live in.

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It was two years ago, and I just started my paternity leave. Not wanting to drive to Starbucks every day, bleary-eyed and exhausted, I remembered that I had a cold brew coffee maker collecting dust.

Every couple of days, I would …

  • Fill the carafe with 800ml of water.
  • Fill the filter with coffee grounds up to the top of the mesh.
  • Place the filter into the carafe and soak with water until the water line is no longer visible.
  • Leave the coffee on the counter to brew overnight, and it’s ready the following morning!

The whole operation takes five minutes.

When enjoying, dilute one part of coffee with one part of water or milk. Not a fan of cold brew? No problem! Just throw it in the microwave.

In those two years, I estimate that we saved over $5,000 on coffee by making it at home.

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