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Is there a place in the world you always wanted to visit but doesn’t have, yet?

Write about that city, that specific place, or that sight you’ve always wanted to see. You don’t have to limit your story to a potential holiday destination.

  • Maybe you always wanted to see where your grandparents grew up and learn more about your family history.
  • Maybe there is a sight like the pyramids or Macchu Pichu where you can see the history of millennia unfolding in front of your eyes

Write about the place you want to visit and why it matters to you.

I always wanted to visit Tokyo or another big city in Japan. The combination of crazy pop culture, samurai history, and technological innovation fascinates me so much I want to visit this country and get to know it a little better.

Day Four of the Shortform Sprint

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There are three significant problems with social media.

The biggest problem is full disclosure. People post so much personal information, to the point where it’s embarrassing. At its worst, over-posting divulges so much information that it opens up a person to becoming the target of identity theft.

A second problem is using social media as a false projection for a sense of self-esteem. If someone posts a selfie to proclaim how great their life is, is their life truly so great?

A third problem is the bottomless time abyss. It’s easy to think that you’ll spend a few minutes scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, and when you check the clock, forty-five minutes of your life have elapsed.

It’s time better spent living and doing instead of living vicariously through others.

It’s time to stop scrolling and start living.

Scrabble tiles Ask for help
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As a relative newcomer, I still struggle to understand all of Medium’s complexities, so I am appealing to the wonderful Medium community for help. I have two problems.

Problem 1: I know it is possible to ask questions directly of Medium since other writers talk about having done so. Could someone please explain how to do this?

Problem 2: My friend joined Medium a week ago. She paid her money. She completed her profile. She applied to New Writers Welcome, was accepted, and is currently finalizing a story for them.


I can’t find her on the platform. When I type her profile name into a search box I get other members with the same first or second name, but not her. I can find her using her medium ID. Why can’t I find her using her name?

I eagerly await your responses.

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