A Satirical Punch

Photo by Wiebrig Krakau on Unsplash

Look into the past fifty years of honesty when it was found among people. Then, people considered it a regular feature of their personalities. But, nowadays, it is rarely found. Due to the acute shortage, honesty is a rare commodity. You can sell it like a hot cake among the…



Look for preferred stock with a cumulative feature

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Next, look at the common stock of issuer. Have they ever missed a dividend payment?


Is their Dividend Coverage Ratio over 100% (the higher the better)?


You found an ultra safe dividend paying stock to purchase.

Cumulative feature

With this feature, dividend payments have been missed in the past are…



It helped me feel beautiful

Beautiful plus sized woman wearing a black shirt and stylish ripped jeans tossing her hat at the camera
Happy, sexy, chubby girls is not an oxymoron (Photo by Jade Destiny on Unsplash)

It started simply — searching online for cute clothes that actually fit. I followed the hashtag #plussizefashion. Soon I was scrolling through outfits of the day, and ways to style both high-end and inexpensive clothes.

But nothing had as much impact as the simple act of seeing beautiful fat women…



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