that haven’t yet been officially announced

This post is only possible because Medium was a bit sneaky in recent months.

They’ve been adding a few new features and updates here and there without telling anyone.

Since I’m constantly giving advice about #writing on Medium, I recently was asked how I could inform others about updates if…

Technology often can’t see the forest for the trees. I love asking Google Assistant to start my coffee, and talking to the UPS guy on my doorstep while I’m vacationing 800 miles away is cool.

But my raisin bran gets stale unless I close it with a binder clip.


Week Three — start writing

By Sabriga Turgon

Week three of Storytelling for Small Business overflowed with provocative questions to get us writing what Taji Torrilhon calls the “business origin story mad libs.”

She gave questions with reframing options it so it worked for each unique business purpose, like this:

I used to be/do/believe_____ and tell us about where you started and WHY you used to feel that way.

By the time I’d answered her four other leading questions, I was so primed, I couldn’t wait to start writing my story.

When I got her feedback, I had an aha! moment and wrote it a little tighter, a little more evocatively, a little more detailed.

I know I keep saying this, but this is one of the most comfortable, informative, and productive short courses I’ve ever taken.

I’m glad I knew nothing when I entered.

And it felt just as horrible as everyone says it does

I’m currently 22 years old, and up until recently, I had never experienced racism first-hand.

The context is less important, but it happened together with my Asian girlfriend.

Somehow with the help of my white male appearance I had been shielded from what thousands experience on a daily basis.


Writing tips to stop me from getting all Liam Neeson on you!

Now I used to be a little militant about grammar and punctuation. Let’s not get into the number of times I have demanded to see the manager about some grammatically incorrect signage. But I am mellowing in my old age.

Now, I realize that good writing does, at times, flout rules that would have had me reaching for my crossbow.

I wrestled with myself about starting a sentence with a coordinating subjunction. And now look at me.

But there are a few writing tips I feel would help us all communicate more clearly. Especially as I know some of you brave souls are writing in a language you’ve had to learn. So, welcome to my short form on better writing.

Click here for Tip #1

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