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In my over 10 years of expertise as a marketing manager, there’s one common thread among the most successful clients I’ve noticed:

They create irresistible content by listening carefully to their audience.

Do you know how can you listen to your followers — no matter if you have 1 or…

After two major career breaks, I am as good as any self-proclaimed Career Coach, or that is what I believe right now.

I have been a curious soul ever since I said ‘Hello’ to this world and I try to make the most of it even when I am doing something as serious as procrastinating.

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I am currently trying to integrate my keen interest in Data Science with something I am most passionate about, which is Writing while sticking to something I love — storytelling.

Born in India, the land where people consider Cricket as their religion and idol worship movie stars, I have now become good at binge-watching in multiple languages and take pleasure in bragging that I am learning not one but 3 International languages currently.

Love sharing my learning experiences with people, which is what brings me to Medium.

The Shortform

Creativity in a short manner. Designed for shortform posts to deliver immediate value to our readers

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