credit: Kristina God; Isit on the swing and watch the clouds fly by.

That’s me in the picture.

Well, I have a confession to make. I once was a travel blogger.

Yes, it was awesome but also really frustrating and one day I decided to quit. I needed to take a break from opening myself up to criticism and praise.

Although, I put…

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Last April, investment banker Jack Saffer got promoted.

He was hoping to get that and felt elated. He celebrated with his closest.

By April 28th, Jack had a surprising feeling creeping up inside him. A new question started bugging him —

What’s next?

Jack was starting to feel empty inside. He chased a goal for a long time, and he had that now.

What was next for him? Another goal?

By assigning happiness to goals, most people postpone our happiness. They make do with miserable life without appreciating the beauty of it.

Like this one, there are four other mistakes people make that stop them from being happy.

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Psychologist Carl Jung visiting the United States in 1920, called on a Hopi elder in Arizona. The elder said to him, “The White Man is crazy.”

On Jung asking why, the elder said, “Because they think with their head.” Jung asked what you thought with, he said, “With our heart.” This has become relevant today as Empathy has declined and stress has grown.

Celeste Headlee points out in her Ted talk about conversations. The Empathy that has carried humanity through the ages. All issues that cause breakups are because we do not care about others. Only when Empathy is involved, we will care for others.

Had we thought with our hearts, we would have fewer conflicts in the world.

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