8 Innovative Artificial Intelligence App Ideas for Start-up Business

Artificial Intelligence App Ideas

There’s no denying the fact that Artificial Intelligence, referred to as AI, has become ubiquitous. Almost every enterprise across different industry verticals is utilizing this technology to know their customers better and win their hearts and the market with unique marketing strategies.

But the problem with any technology is that it demands to be evolved, and the next level of evolution for AI would be AI-driven applications. We are already aware of a few applications like chatbots and AI-powered customer support, but in the upcoming year, we shall witness a more pragmatic use of this tech.

The good thing is that it presents an excellent opportunity for start-ups looking to develop app through innovative and practical solutions. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ideas for that.

Here, we discuss eight such AI app ideas that will help start-ups leave a mark on their audience. Let’s begin.

Styling has become a common trend today, especially because of more media presence in people’s lives. Perhaps, that’s the reason why styling videos and makeup tutorials, and tips go viral, and the makeover games get so popular.

But the days aren’t far when we shall have AI-powered styling apps guiding women (and men) in styling themselves. However, for a styling app to be a hit, it must cover all the important things.

Right from teaching one to apply foundation to helping them with the right shades, it should take care of all the little things included in styling. With the right kind of content and proper development, an AI-based styling app can become an instant hit.

After everyone realized that education can happen online too and something like COVID too can happen, the world is moving towards digitized education, and AI-based learning apps are going to be a big part of it.

We already have apps like Grammarly and Hemingway editor that help users be better with their writing. But the number of such apps is going to be more common in the next couple of years.

It is surely going to expand its wings from English and writing to other subjects including mathematics, arts, and social science. So if you are thinking of investing in one, then start working on your ideas.

AI has already penetrated the healthcare industry, especially the ones that can collect biometrics of people. But in the upcoming years, people shall witness more advanced applications of AI-based healthcare.

Today, the apps can gather data and can warn about anomalies, but a more advanced version can collect biometrics and can suggest diets, and workouts based on that report. So the idea of investing in one is okay.

Travelers are going to have a great time with AI-driven travel apps. The travel industry already finds a wide usage of mobile applications, and that’s the reason why start-up businesses need to have a unique approach to it.

With AI-driven travel apps, travelers can save themselves a lot of hassle. How? While most traveling tasks can be accomplished online, they usually involve a lot of online searching and meticulous planning.

An AI-driven app can do everything itself. Users can fill in their preferences like destinations, budget constraints, etc. during registration, and based on the data, the app should be able to guide them accordingly. Let’s say someone is willing to visit NY.

With the help of AI, the app can show them hotels, plan their itinerary, and give them a list of all the good eateries in their areas. The more work it can do on behalf of the users, the more popular it can become among users.

No matter what you do, or how much you try, you simply can’t keep a track of your costs. Fear not, for soon you will have AI-powered cost-tracking apps. Wait! How are they going to help? It’s simple.

An AI-powered cost-tracking app is going to automatically track down expenditures and transactions you make online. You have spent a lot on the movie, done a lot of online shopping, or visited too many restaurants.

An AI-powered app can trace them, can learn your pattern, and warn you about expenses, and it is certainly worth keeping. With a smart cost-tracking app, you can actually be aware of where you’re spending your money.

We already have photo editing apps, apps for video creation, and for music mixing, but in the next couple of years, we are going to have applications that will create content simply based on our instructions.

The media and entertainment industry needs fresh content on a daily basis, especially from bloggers, vloggers, and online magazines. If start-ups can come up with apps that can put together some good content by simply analyzing the inputs, it’s going to be famous in no time.

This one is another AI-based app type that is going to make a huge impact on users. The pandemic has triggered people’s health-conscious side. People are using fitness apps to plan their exercise routines, right from going on brisk walks to planning regular workouts. But they still have to rely on blogs and videos to learn proper techniques.

With an AI-based fitness app, everything can be right at their fingertips. Start-ups can build apps that not only help people do things in the right way but can also offer them personalized training based on their medical conditions. If done right, this genre can indeed reap rich rewards.

We are well aware of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, the voice assistants of Apple, Amazon, and Google respectively that have revolutionized the way of getting things done. In the near future, we shall witness better and newer versions of AI-powered voice assistance.

We shall have apps that can practically execute all your basic queries, right from booking you an appointment to scheduling your meetings, reminding you of medicines to answering your voicemails.

AI-powered voice assistant apps can actually prove pretty useful for elderly people who are often forgetful with things or too old to learn the basics of smartphones.

Mobile application development is a highly pursued business and with AI at its core, it’s going to get more interesting. It’s true that some people do have their fair share of skepticism. But people who are willing (and are capable) to take risks, should definitely explore new possibilities.

So if you belong to the risk-taking category, then better get ready to hire some experienced Android developers or iPhone app development services from an experienced mobile app development firm and start putting your plans into action.



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