How To Build a Killer eBook Business Empire at Any Age

Start now — you are not yet late to join the game

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I self-published my book in 2017. I launched a paper book version and a digital copy.

It is all about overcoming depression — and experiencing life after a temporary dead-end. During my first week of launching my book online, I made more than 100 sales and sold them for only $5 each.

The money from it did not make me rich (which reminds some friends still owe me money) — but it gave me an idea that it can be a lucrative business if done correctly.

For the eBook business, you would see a progressive uptrend. The sales forecast from the industry will reach US$17.04b — they said.

Given the increasing number of readers, it makes sense for content creators like you to set your eyes on creating eBooks. Once you are determined to write one — you can refer to these guidelines to get you started on creating your first product.

Can anyone show me the way?

A common mistake by newbie authors is they write for themselves. There is nothing wrong with it — and writing from your perspective is a great place to start.

But if you are thinking commercially — you need to think about it as a product. One vital element if coming up with a topic is to verify if there is an audience for it.

The second thing is that you need to have interest or experience in the subject to keep you going. When you write a topic that you do not have a strong interest in or experience — the audience will feel it.

The results would be like eating a sandwich with no patties in it

So make sure that you have passion for the subject — otherwise, you will run out of fuel when you get to the middle of the process. Make a list of topics that you want.

Quick tips

  • What topic do you love to read, write or talk about with others?
  • Is there an audience to cater (to)?
  • Do you have proof of the market demand for the eBook that you want to launch?
  • Does the topic you want to write will solve a problem?
  • Visit similar articles that gained a lot of clicks, views, and reads
  • Take note of public comments under various article post

The sweet spot is when you find a connection between what you want and your target audience’s requirements.

Spy with my little eyes

Before you build on your eBook, it is good to see published works of other creators in your target space.

The best place to search for it is Amazon. See how it is (packaged) — and how they form the title — and reviews about those books for your reference.

The idea here is to get a view of other successful launches. You may stick to the theme but narrow it down and search (key) vital sub-topics (especially) if a best seller of the same category has launched something similar already.

You may search what other concerns have not been touched extensively by other creators in the industry — and are worth emphasizing. You may want to discover articles that trend — which can be (expanded) by focusing on topics that matter to your audience.

eBook, anyone?

For instance, I will plan to write an eBook on how to launch an eBook. To determine if there is a market for it — I will check if people are searching for it — go to Google and type the subject.

Photo source: Google

In this screenshot, I typed how to start an ebook business. It gave me 248 million results. It (means) that many people have been searching for guidelines to create this digital asset.

The structure is needed to set the order

Do not worry; you do not need to hire an architect to establish the framework of your eBook.

Start opening your digital notepad and start with the headline, subtopics (this will eventually form part of your table of contents), and lesson you want to include in each subsection and key takeaways at the end of the page.

To add more meat to your book

  • Mention quotations that resonate with each subject matter.
  • Answer questions usually inquired by people
  • Embed case studies and real-life scenarios
  • Insert links as an additional reference to your observations, arguments, and assertions

Having a patterned outline frames the message you want to impart from the very start. It sets the direction and facilitates the transition of your story flow. Without structure, you might lose attention by mentioning many off-topics that confuse you.

They all fall for the looks and the name

Most people are attracted to the looks of people. EBooks work both ways — they fall for the appearance and the title of your book.

Titles, similar to headlines of an (article) should be catchy and specific. Ask yourself how (can your book) get noticed among the rest. Great book titles are a (combination) of humor, controversy, emotions, and (playful) words.

It is okay if you have not decided what title to use for your book. Do not be paralyzed to the point of not moving on to creating content. You can include a standard headline for the interim — to help you (be reminded) of the subject while writing. Later on, you can revise it (as long as) you do not impair the entire message.

Once you have completed your eBook, you can now work on the layout design of your cover. Through Canva, I pulled off a do-it-yourself copy of the free eBook I made to promote my coaching practice.

As long as the overall look synchronizes with the images, color, and formats used — if so, then everything should be good.

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