You Don’t Have to Do All The Things. In Fact, You Really Shouldn’t.

image courtesy: Tara Gentile

Find out what to “say yes” to and what to “say no” to when you’re building a business.

Tara Gentile is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, founder of Quiet Power Strategy® and above all, she’s a mentor to other entrepreneurs.

Listen in on our chat. We talk about how much she learned about business through her early years as a book store manager, the top 4 questions to ask yourself when you have limited time to put into a business, PLUS, Tara gives us the scoop on her very own side project!

Have a side project of your own to share?I’d love to hear about it! I’m booking the 2017 season of the Doing It On the Side podcast now!

Vanessa Soto is a marketing exec, life coach, solo mom of a teenager and founder ofThe Side Passion Project. By weekday she develops digital advertising campaigns for a Fortune 500 company and by weekend she coaches, blogs for The Huffington Post and produces the Doing It On the Side podcast. Whether you already have a side project, or are looking to find yours, subscribe to the Doing It On the Side podcast and you’ll be off to a great start.

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