Day 2, Grado

Grado it is good to be on the way so rich in impressions of beauty the senses delighting in the smell of manure and of pine trimmings. Lovely to be with our fellow travellers and to share morning coffee in a tiny village with the remains of Roman baths, to sit at leisure ranging far and wide in conversation, other pilgrims coming in and out.

Each evening we share our moments of gratitude and of difficulty, Beate here shares her hope that “through walking the Camino I am able to create new Space in my life, that has become too busy and squashed over the last years. I hope that in this Space I am able to breathe more consciously with the living Breath of God and come home to myself more fully.

“As we’ve just come from Plum Village the words of Thich Nhat Hanh are very much with me about coming home to myself:
I have arrived, I am home
In the here and in the Now.
I am solid, I am free.
In the Ultimate I dwell.”

There are some sore shoulders and feet. And considerable joy in time to rest and read and reflect and make art and enjoy local food together. Our reading today from John O’Donoghue’s “Benedictus” encourages us

When you travel,
A new silence
Goes with you,
And if you listen,
You will hear
What your heart would
Love to say.

Painting by Paul Taylor
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