Our bags containing many decisions finally closed, no trial pack this time. Good to see them in our room in Oviedo a day later. Fond farewells to our kids, so beautifully generous in their enthusiasm for our adventure. And to our precious granddaughters, a 5-year-old birthday in our absence, her duck will travel with us.

It’s been a time of poignant glimpses of home and of relationships, further tenderised by a fresh cold with aches and tears, a sense of vulnerability.

And then the 30 hours flying passes sweetly until my breviary, my Benedictine prayer book, is not in my bag, left on a plane in Dubai I work out, how can this be? I am incredulous, my daily companion these 10 years gone. This is letting go up close, of my book and of recrimination, self and other. My middle of the night lesson comes from Matthew’s yoga class “be here now”. And unbelievably it is possible. My brother’s encouragement to go thru “limitations” which seemed to be about the physical…

Creating in the new space over these couple of days to move beyond any jet lag, to find the beginning of the path and to refine gear and self(?) Paul’s early sketches as we wander signal we are away from our daily round. Why?