Airbnb Costs and Chart of Accounts to Consider

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Ongoing Operational Costs

Airbnb Host Service Fees

Janitorial & Turnover Costs

Laundry Cleaning Costs

Consumable Supplies

Electrical & Gas Utilities

Water & Sewage Utilities

Cable, Internet & Streaming Services

Management Software

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Property Management Fees

Listing Setup Costs

Move-In, Setup, Photography & Listing Costs

Small Appliances, Furniture & Fixtures

Linens Stock

Teardown, Moveout & Storage Costs

Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Large Appliances, Furniture & Equipment Assets

Depreciation on Large Appliances, Furniture & Equipment Assets

Property Level Costs

Rent Payments for Leases

Mortgage Loan Interest

Building Depreciation

Property Taxes

Repairs, Maintenance & Gardening

Property Renovations

Property Insurance

Property Automation, Locks and Security Costs

Home Owners Association Costs




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