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2023: Combat Readiness

2023 will not be kind to many. 2023 and 2024 will be challenging due to economic stability, austerity measures, layoffs, and recession. The second quarter of 2025 is when we can expect scaling back to normalcy. Given these, we all need to make significant changes to our source code.

I am still rebuilding my core that started in 2019 and making source modifications is getting relatively easier. I have also practiced fortitude since 2020 and have demonstrated that hopefully with my day-to-day living, with Kena, and with my current path on Cognit.

I have failed on a few accounts though.

  • Endurance to Loss: I lost a few people in my life. I was ill-prepared to deal with this. I spent a lot of energy recuperating, which significantly threw a spanner in my willpower. I lost my way and was wandering. I need to learn to let go.
  • Consistency: Workouts, Reading, and Guitar practice have taken a toll
  • Learning: My ability to learn has been declining. I have not been as effective as I used to be anymore. There is tremendous scope for improvement.

While humility, kindness, and gratitude are table stakes (I need to practice this harder), I am adding the following to my practice.

  • Dedication to Learning.
  • Strengthen my Volition.

Dedication to Learning: I need to dig deep into the primordial source and make significant changes to my learning skills. Learning to learn is so important that I have slacked a bunch in this regard. Revisiting the fundamentals, adding healthy daily reading into the schedules, and consistent blogging will be introduced to my practice.

Strengthen my Volition: About a decade back, I had the willpower of a Marine. Most of my training regime used to be for combat readiness. The adherence to training protocols, a regimented diet, sleeping habits, endurance to pain, consistency in hitting multiple goals, etc., was an easy habit. Ultra running used to be a breeze. I have slacked majorly over the years. 2022 was the worst year ever regarding my willpower in general. This will change and should help in character-building aspects as well.

Writing these posts has always been the first step for accountability over the years. As usual, I ask you to keep me honest and slap me back ruthlessly to my path when I wander.



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