The Simulacrum
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The Simulacrum

What goes up, does not have to come down.

You may have heard, “What goes up must come down!” so many times in different contexts that you wonder if it is true. This is such a blind, incomplete and untrue statement. This is a zero-sum statement.

If you throw a stone up in the air over a pond, the statement probably holds. But if you invest enough time to build your foundations or career with the same amount of critical thinking that goes into building a spaceship, this statement does not hold.

There is a line above the Earth about 62miles called the Kármán line. Once you breach that line, you escape the gravitational pull of Earth. If something goes up and beyond this line, there is no coming back down. This is a positive-sum trajectory.

Throwing a stone is literally like living in your comfort zone. There is no escape velocity baked into this. There is a tremendous amount of fuel needed to generate that escape velocity.

Continuously empowering yourself with knowledge, practicing critical thinking, practicing an abundance mindset, humility and gratitude can get you disciplined and generate the fuel inside you to achieve this escape velocity needed.

Once you are above the Kármán line, there is no more friction. No more up or down. It’s just the vast amount of wonderous universe to explore.

How are you building your spaceship?



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