Daily SG: 11 Apr 2016

Credit: SGAG

Lee Wei Ling vs Everyone

- The Middle Ground: Time for the famiLEE to end the public spectacle 
 — The Middle Ground: Top 5 lessons from the LWL saga 
 — A Load of Fish: ST vs Lee Wei Ling (2016) 
 — Blogging For Myself: LWL: The dishonorable son 
 — Alvinology: Why we should not support Lee Wei Ling 
 — The Online Citizen: Dr Lee refers her brother as a “dishonorable son” and accuses him of abusing power to ‘build a dynasty’ 
 — Everything Also Complain: LKY’s name sullied by an ‘dishonourable son’ 
 — New Nation: Young children: Adults in S’pore must use social media more responsibly

Panama Papers

- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Panama Papers: Silence of the anti-PAP crowd

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

- crazyrandomchatter: Is SAF biased against Muslims?

A Vote For Change

- My Singapore News: Home coming for the Barisan Socialis 
 — Thoughts of Real Singaporeans: It’s all about Chee Soon Juan

Uniquely Singapore

- theAsianparent: 7 pasar malam foods in Singapore you simply must try!