Daily SG: 29 Apr 2015

Credit: Evacomics

It’s a Ruckus!

- All Singapore Stuff: Stop Judging the SCDF Boys, You Don’t Know The Full Story 
 — Five Stars and a Moon: One Bad Egg Shouldn’t Spoil The Bunch
 — The Singapore Beacon: WTF Of The Day! — The Morons Of SCDF

Foreigners in our Midst

- Just Speaking My Mind: Fake Degree Holders Replacing Singaporeans 
 — [FB] Gilbert Goh: Ten reasons why Singaporeans must strongly reject fake degrees…

Belabouring Labour Issues

- TOC: Outgoing labour chief is just ordinary at best

Daily Disclosure

- Ibrahim Conrad Abdullah: To Singaporeans who emigrated: Are you happy with your decision? 
 — Inconvenient Questions: Sex Work, the Women’s Charter, and the Rule of Law 
 — Blogging for Myself: PSC chairman on selecting scholars 
 — Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Cheapo ACS mum can’t sleep over $50 donation 
 — Everything Also Complain: Singaporeans not using verbs in the past tense 
 — Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Friends, haters, strangers and social media
 — Guanyinmiao’s Musings: Abuse Charges Raise Concern Over Control Systems

Uniquely Singapore

- The Long and Winding Road: Signs of the times: the final Halt 
 — Singapore Sundays: Singapore Sundays 5: Istana Woodneuk

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