Daily SG: 8 Jul 2015

Credit: Seijieiga

Singapore’s World Class Public Transport

- The Middle Ground: Rail meltdown
- TOC: Massive breakdown — Govt’s claim of accountability put to the test
- Word of Mouth: MRT Breakdown: Stranded and Singaporean
- Geraldgiam.sg: Caught in the NSEWL MRT breakdown
- S M Ong: Why call for SMRT CEO to resign? Remember Saw Phaik Hwa
- Alvinology: MRT Service Not Fully Resumed: 5 MRT Alternatives Today
- Tribolum: Accelerated Learning in Adversity
- The Singapore Beacon: WTF Of The Day! — $2.25 Million Dollars Worth Of Chaos
- Blogging for Myself: Massive MRT failure near to GE 2015
- Zit Seng’s Blog: Claw At Root Of Train Breakdown
- Musings From the Lion City: Pampered Singaporeans
- Singapore Alternatives: MRT Mess — Failure of Leadership Appointment
- Dollars and Sense: Should SMRT Be Paying Out Such High Dividends?
- All Singapore Stuff: Insider: SMRT Getting Diesel-Powered Trains By Year End
- New Nation: North-South, East-West line breakdown unites S’poreans
- Mothership: The worst MRT breakdown in S’pore’s history occurred on SMRT’s 16th Annual General Meeting on 7/7/15

Famous Amos

- TOC: The price of remorse
- Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: What Amos said in his police statement
- Anyhow Hantam: Amos Yee Case: Winners and Losers
- Singapore 2B: Finally, a comment on Amos I can agree with
- Jentrified Citizen: The Good, the Bad and the Intolerant in the Amos Saga
- My Singapore News: Amos Yee — A few pertinent questions
- Iron Bowl: Sick People, Sick Country.

Natural Aristocracy

- Dewdrop Notes 露语: From Servant To Aristocrat

The Heart Truths of Libel Suits

- 否极泰来 Piji Tailai: Who is Roy Crying for? Himself or Singapore?

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

- Chronicles of a Singaporean Indian Girl: Chinese Privilege
- The Yishus: SAP schools