World’s Best Roller Coaster Ride: Watching Your Child Grow Up­­­­­ — — But Where Were You?

“You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once. ”

Feel that your children are growing too fast for you? Feel that there is never enough time? Modern parents have to balance between parenting responsibilities and work demands, which is increasingly difficult in this fast-­paced and hyperconnected world today. Work pours in with a ping on our smartphones or a ring from a client from the other side of the globe, it never ends. With so many things demanding our attention, it is easy to forget the things that truly matter. It is not uncommon to hear parents wishing that they had spent more time with their children. To be there with your children as they take their first baby steps or to deal with their relentless wailing on their first day of kindergarten are one of those special memories that will stay with you forever. Children grow up fast, so make time for them before it is too late. Miss out no more, be there for their ups and downs, and here is how you can step back up on that roller coaster ride of their growth again.

1. Disconnect

Long working hours an obstacle to family time: Singapore survey

If your schedule and the nature of your work allows, disconnect your phone. Turn off your data for a good 45 minutes, or even better, switch it off. Give your undivided attention to your child, let him/her know that you care and get to know your child better. If you cannot afford to give as much time as you would like, then choose quality over quantity. Make that 45 minutes the best part of your child’s and your day.

2. Start saying ‘no’

People have different priorities and even priorities have varying levels of importance. Consciously make an effort to allocate some time for your children and family. Learn to say no to the less important things. It could be a drinking session with colleagues after work or that report you are rushing that is actually not that urgent. Actively putting time aside for your children is a good step to start getting involved in your children’s lives again. They will always love a little trip to the ice cream shop or the playground with you.

3. Get some help

AfterYou Home Management Services

Certainly, we are not Superman or Superwoman. Even superheroes can do with a little help from their sidekicks. Coming back from a long day of work, you should not have to choose between your children and completing household chores. Expend that limited energy on spending quality time with your children, nurturing the priceless parent­-child bond that would go a long way. Let AfterYou FindHelper help you find, hire and pay freelance home helpers. With FindHelper, you can conveniently find home helpers available in your area to relieve you of your household chores, according to your preferences and budget. Check it out here at Now you can truly enjoy quality time with your children with an ease of mind, and focus on having a good time! With these tips to get you back on track, you can start to enjoy the thrills and excitement of your child’s journey to independence again. Hold on tight, because you never quite know what to expect. Just be prepared to be amazed by your children every step of their growth and it could be quite a ride!

You can always outsource your chores, but children only grow up once.
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