2019: A Blockchain Year in Review for The Six Dragons

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Dec 31, 2019 · 7 min read

What an epic year 2019 has been for Blockchain Gaming and The Six Dragons! Join us in reviewing our best moments so far from the very first days while sharing our resolutions for 2020.

With 2020 approaching, it’s time to look back on the journey of the first blockchain-powered Open-World RPG, The Six Dragons. From the prototypes and the GDC 2019 demonstration to the stellar pre-sale and the start of the alpha testing in Q4 as promised, 2019 has been a year full of hard work, excitement, and real progress for the game.

Below we present the key moments during these months along with our plans for the next day.

March 2019

Unity SDK, Blockchain Prototyping and GDC

Back in March, The Six Dragons was the first game to implement Enjin’s Unity SDK, 48 hours following its release. Let’s remember the blockchain prototype of The Six Dragons on the Ethereum Kovan Testnet, where the player was able to sync the blockchain wallet with the in-game inventory, loot blockchain items from fights, and create new blockchain assets by combining existing NFTs.

Even though The Six Dragons was not one of the earliest blockchain games chronologically, our prototype was one of the first tangible examples of how you can combine a real game with genuine blockchain experience. A week later our work was demonstrated during the GDC 2019 in San Fransisco from Enjin’s CTO, Witek Radomski and our game aspirations scored some notable traction.

May 2019

Pre-sale sold out in two weeks, The Six Dragons join Enjin’s Spark Program.


Arguably one of the best moments of the year, our pre-sale was warmly welcomed from the community and lead to an impressive sold out in just 14 days. During the pre-sale, contributors had the unique chance to get blockchain items from the Early Adopter’s (EA) collection. Such items haven’t been released since after the end of the sale and the new owners now hold their faith forever.

The Six Dragons was received great attention as a real game that utilizes blockchain technologies in a meaningful manner for both the gamer and the developer. The excitement of our supporters was also reflected in the total amount of funds raised ($172.000) in only two weeks, marking one of the most successful blockchain game asset sales in the post-ICO hype era.

The Spark Program

The Six Dragons was one of the first members of the Spark Program, the second generation of developers that got access to the Enjin’s Mainnet and the developer tools, as an early adopter.

Age of Rust Collaboration Announcement

Furthermore, in March we announced our collaboration with a great blockchain game, Age of Rust.

Where a Dragonborn lore meets a Sci-fi reality…. Two radically different gaming worlds interconnected with the power of shared blockchain assets. Stay tuned….

August 2019

Announcement of the Alpha Waves system and Gameplay Mechanics Revamp.

Alpha Waves

To ensure an efficient and fair inclusion of the community into the alpha testing while prioritizing security, we decided in August to give access to players in batches, or as we call them Alpha Waves. This way we honored the precious contribution of some early community members and ensured a quality gaming experience for all the testers. In total, we are hosting 6 waves (with wave 6 being an open alpha). You can learn more here.

New Gameplay Mechanics

During August we also presented some important gameplay changes. To make the experience as authentic and fun it gets, we decided not to cut corners and introduced some changes that added meaningful gameplay moments for all player levels. Learn more in the relevant blog post above.

We joined the Blockchain Gaming Alliance

In August, we also joined forces with the @BGameAlliance to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming initiatives to mainstream audiences. BGA and its members aim to spread awareness about blockchain technology and how it can foster new experiences in the gaming industry.

September 2019

More than 600 unique blockchain items created, Open Sea Collaboration.

A month of backend work for the game, during which we created 600 unique types of blockchain tokens with a utility in the game, including weapons, armor, jewels, scrolls of enchantment, crafting materials and many more. If we consider the player-driven decisions in-game, that means we currently have an economy of more 30.000 potential items.

The Charm of the Open Sea

Open Sea added support for ERC-1155 assets in September, and to celebrate such event we collaborated with them to issue a unique in-game item, “The Charm of the Open Sea”.

November 2019

Epic Blockchain Crafting and Enchanting & BlockPegnio Launch

Real-time Blockchain Crafting & Enchanting is here!

After six months of hard work, we launched in November the first fully blockchain integrated build of the game running on Mainnet. Some days after, we introduced the real-time and fully transparent blockchain crafting and enchanting mechanisms that will be used in the game.

In a nutshell…

  1. Every craftable item has its unique identity and the name of the creator in the metadata. All the items have a possible range of stats(based on the rarity level and the item type) that are randomly assigned during the creation of each item.
  2. This is one of the first blockchain gaming experiences that include the ability to dynamically change the characteristics of the players’ blockchain tokens, as a reflection of their gameplay performance.

If you want to know more about what happens on the blockchain side of things when you craft an item, check out the video below and read this blog post.

BlockPegnio is the New Home for The Six Dragons

We started BlockPegnio to enable our flagship project, The Six Dragons, scale holistically and be the first real game on the blockchain that can reach mainstream audiences.

“Blockpegnio is not a traditional game studio, but more of a blockchain-driven gaming innovation project. We all share a passion for innovation in the industry, but we also see gaming as an adoption proxy for blockchain technologies”.

We Renovated our Steam Page

December 2019

Start of the Alpha Testing

Epic Fights from the Pre-Alpha

We released a compilation of some pre-alpha footage to demonstrate what our gamers should expect during the alpha of the game. Numerous elements and improvements are to be expected, yet you can already get chills from the video if you are a true RPG fanatic.

Start of the Alpha Testing

As promised soon after the end of the pre-sale, we started the alpha testing during Q4 2019. We started the testing during the second week of December when we welcomed more than 35 gamers from our community to help us tackle the first bugs and hear their feedback. Many more to be invited in the following weeks.

Our Resolution for 2020

In 2020, we want to see the blockchain gaming domain to progress, with a clear orientation towards delivering real gaming experiences blended with blockchain innovation where it matters the most — in inspiring trust in gaming economies and connect diverse gaming worlds via tokenization.

As for The Six Dragons, in 2020 we look forward to:

  1. Work hard to scale our alpha testing to give a chance to all our community members to join the fun.
  2. Work even harder to deliver a slew of new gameplay elements, including the companion system, lots of mesmerizing quests & castles, the highly anticipated story mode, and the upcoming blockchain-powered politics system that we have designed for the community members of the game. It will amaze you!
  3. Officially announce the new Multiplayer modes that we talked about in our latest blog post. These include (1) a PvP mode that will let you fight with your full gear with other players, (2) an E-sports competitive mode that will have players fight on the same gear after letting them farm for some time and then fight when they meet in the Open World and (3)a Co-op mode for the story mode, quests, and world bosses.

On behalf of The Six Dragons team, we would like to everyone wish a happy new year! 🎊 🎊

May the new year bring prosperity to all of you, and spur progress for the blockchain gaming industry.

The Six Dragons

The first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain.

The Six Dragons

The first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain. The game features a huge world of 256km2, 1 billion dungeons, real blockchain crafting & enchanting and a huge decentralized in-game economy.

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The Six Dragons

The first Open World RPG built on Ethereum Blockchain. The game features a huge world of 256km2, 1 billion dungeons, real blockchain crafting & enchanting and a huge decentralized in-game economy.