BlockPegnio, PlayStation Partner, Will Enable Governance NFTs for The Six Dragons

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4 min readNov 30, 2020


Update: Learn how you can acquire these unique NFTs

At BlockPegnio, we have been working hard to push out the best game possible, while paying tribute to our core belief in decentralization.

The forward-thinking gaming world is a great place to experiment with ideas and systems that can be reflected in the real world.

We believe decentralized governance within real-world governments is just a matter of time.

To showcase and prove its effectiveness and power, we are excited to introduce governance non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in The Six Dragons — so people can enjoy the benefits for themselves in version 1.0 of the game and through our upcoming PlayStation launch.

Thanks to all our players for their in-game footage!

Partnering with Playstation

Earlier this month, we were proud to announce our partnership with PlayStation.

Since day 1, our focus has always been to bring mainstream players into blockchain gaming, and PlayStation is the leading platform to help us do so.

The Six Dragons is designed to provide an epic gaming experience to all players, regardless of their blockchain gaming knowledge. Even if they’ve never so much as heard of “the blockchain,” anyone can jump into the game and quest through a sprawling open-world.

As players spend more time in-game, they will begin to see the numerous benefits presented by blockchain and NFTs. In addition to injecting real-world value and provable scarcity into our in-game items, we’ve developed a way to allow our players to literally shape parts of the game while enjoying other perks.

Governance NFTs

The Six Dragons will be among the first blockchain games to release Governance NFTs for players, which will allow them to influence the game’s future direction.

As a holder of a Governance NFTs, players will receive various benefits:

  • Yield Farming: Earn fees from on-chain game mechanics
  • Voting Power: Ability to vote for proposed gameplay changes and development priorities
  • Governor Status

These powerful perks will be available for The Six Dragons PC version 1.0, and for the PS5 version planned for late 2021.

As many of you know, TSD tends to do things sooner than later, which you can see in our Discord #changelog channel. In the last 335 days, we’ve posted 170 patch releases!

We look forward to setting these perks live when the infrastructure is ready along with the release of v1.0 in the first half of 2021.

Enjin has informed us that the Enjin Marketplace has just gone through a beautiful redesign that will be publicly available soon and we are excited to see these kind of powerful tokens in the market.

Yield Farming

Holders of TSD Governance NFTs will earn a percentage of all on-chain mechanics in-game, such as crafting/enchanting/off-chain to blockchain equipment trading.

Each NFT will count as a percentage of a tax-like system, which will calculate user earnings and deposit them to the Ethereum wallet holding the NFT. Earnings will be distributed in TSDT, a utility token pegged 1:100 with Enjin Coin (JENJ).

Players will be able to convert their TSDT tokens to Enjin Coin without leaving the game. Giving them a unique and streamlined play-to-earn experience.

To increase their revenue potential, players can hold more than 1 NFT in the same wallet.

Governance Voting

Our development team will open many aspects of gameplay to Governor votes.

Every TSD Governance NFT will count as 1 vote, and the winning propositions will be the suggested one to be implemented into the game.

Aspects of the gameplay that will be voted on will vary, from some ranges of rates/difficulty/stats and other gameplay mechanics, up to suggestions on what development updates should be prioritized.

Governor votes will function as suggestions that will give us insight into what users want and assist us in better tailoring the game according to their needs.

Governor Status

A new status will be attributed to TSD Governance NFT holders that will give them a new color name, and other planned perks that will make them known as Governors.

If the player removes the NFT from their wallet, their governor status will be lost.


We are so inspired by this space, and it is the honor of our lives to stand side by side with some of the most innovative developers in the world.

The future of The Six Dragons is full of promise because it is a unique game on its own; with the addition of blockchain, exciting new opportunities arise for players and developers.

Already in our Early Access, players can earn fees from the Blockchain Blacksmith Service.

The addition of Governance NFTs brings a whole new dynamic, allowing players to earn revenue and make decisions that affect the whole game.

What is better than having players help determine the project’s future alongside us developers!