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4 min readMay 24, 2022


Shortly after the release of Jumpnet, we made it our priority to integrate it in the game in order to stabilize the economy of the game and to benefit from the near zero transfer fees of the network.

With Jumpnet in place, we were able to reward all our Governance NFT holders, with weekly earnings, as well as build the exchange mechanisms for the new tokens that were introduced (eTSDT and gTSDT)

Now, after more than 6 months where Jumpnet has successfully been integrated to the game, our focus has shifted to enhancing the gaming experience of everyone. Our new addition to the team has been working towards eliminating bugs, and bringing the game in a level from which we can start adding new features, as well as expand on the existing ones.

Having said that, we wanted to let everyone know on everything the team will be working on for the next 3 months, and that everyone should be expecting.

· Email verification

The email verification system will be able to ensure that a new account that is registering to the game has a valid email address. The verification process will be simple, the player will receive an email upon registration, containing a link that will automatically verify their account.

If an account is not verified within 24 hours, it will be deleted. This will allow any newly registered players that have not been able to verify their accounts within 24 hours, to register again using the same email address.

All already registered accounts will be listed as verified.

· New game features

The time has come to start adding new features, step by step, in the game.

In the past few updates of the game, animals were introduced, which allow the player to hunt them and benefit from the loot they give. Moreover, a cooking station was added in all of the villages, which combines loot and awards the player with buffs.

Apart from hunting and cooking, the next updates will also include a new fishing mechanism, available at several ports throughout the map. In order to acquire a fishing rod and “unlock” fishing, the player will need to accept the fisherman’s quest and successfully complete it.

The world of The Six Dragons will also start to become more lively. NPCs will start to appear throughout the world, some of which will be quest givers. New quests will be added in the game, with the main focus being on exploring different parts of the map or retrieving specific items.

· Weapon & armor durability

As of right now, any OC crafted weapons or armor can be used indefinitely from the players. This means that no matter what level armor the player wears or what level sword they yield, there is no damage made to them, even if they go against really difficult bosses and mobs.

This will change in the next updates, when the durability of weapons and armors will be introduced.

Each weapon or armor piece will have a specific durability, based on its level and rarity. Depending on the level and difficulty of the mob or boss the player is facing, their weapons and armor will start to decay after each battle.

If a weapon of armor piece reaches a durability of zero, then it will be automatically unequipped and will need repairing in order to be equipped again.

But how does the repairing work? A new repair pattern will be introduced as well. The repair pattern will be available for all levels of weapons and armors. There will also be both OC and BC repair patterns, meaning that you can turn your OC Repair Weapon Lv4 pattern to BC and vice versa, for example.

Selecting the appropriate Repair pattern will start the repair process, which will need all the weapons/armor pieces which require repairing. The repairing process will consume your repair pattern as well as a small number of materials.

In order to immortalize your armor pieces, or weapons, and never have decay on them, you can trade them for BC equivalents.

Any BC weapon or armor piece will not be damaged by battle, and its durability will not be reduced.

· New villages — From the ground up!

Even though the villages will still hold the same names, their appearance will chance. With an interesting story behind them, the villages will receive a whole new look and feel, villagers will be added to them and each village will gain its own aesthetic, which will tie to the over position of them in the world!

Subsequently new, story driven quests will be added, so that the players will have an incentive to explore more of the world.

Exciting things are coming to the world of the The Six Dragons, and even though it will be done step by step, we can confidently say this will only be the beginning.

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