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The Six Dragons Governance NFT to extend on Crafting Simulator & API for other games.

At BlockPegnio we want to create a decentralized gaming economy and we already proving that our ideas work by implementing inovative mechanics, with the community adopting them right away.

Earlier this month we introduced our Governance NFT, which will grant yield farm, vote power and more perks into The Six Dragons.

We are now happy to announce that these perks will also be extended to Crafting Simulator, a platform that it’s goal is to enable people that just want to be Blacksmiths or Governors, being able to login through their web browser or mobile device and craft/enchant items, vote, and have control of their NFTs. Of course, gamers will also be able to login with their The Six Dragons account and do various things without having to login the game.

Also, we plan to have an API to other games that would like to implement the crafting/enchanting system to their games through Enjin-Powered strategic CCG, Kingdom Karnage has already signed up to join the platform.

First implementation of is going to be in 2021 in Web Browsers, and mobiles will follow.



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