Education — the drug of the nation (well…)

This Will Richardson talk really resonated with me. He quotes Dewey. You should really watch it. And in my curiosity, I thought I would record the process of creating a piece of thinkery (speeded up for you busy people…) :

The process of creating some visual thinkery…

A subjunctive mood…

Primary schools in the UK have gone grammar mad. Essentially, although a kid may be dynamite in other areas, they can be labelled “below age related expectations”. What does that even mean?

In actual fact, we are natural grammarians. Kids sponge-brains can soak up new languages amazingly quickly, without any formal learning. It seems we are built to communicate. However, we are not natural statisticians. The brain has all sorts of clever short cuts (or biases) when it comes to making decisions. One of these biases is known as “post hoc ergo propter hoc“, (after this, therefore because of this). Essentially it’s the brain linking cause and effect between unrelated events, and the reason why the personal experience of a politician’s education gets turned into education policy.

For “smart” people, this isn’t very smart…

P.S. Here’s Michael Rosen’s take on the fronted adverbial…

Top of the league!

Yay! Top of the league!

What… for rote learning?
 <heart sinks>

Here’s Jim Knight talking OECD: ‘England is bottom of the league when it comes to deep learning. And top for drill and practice. It’s no coincidence’


Oooh. Was that a buzz from the phone in my pocket? It’s probably someone tweeting me. Probably someone sharing an illustration of mine to their followers. They’ve probably got a bijillion followers… let me just check.

Nope — must of just been a tingle in my leg — back to reading with the kids…

(This is why I don’t have social media on my phone anymore…)

The “L” word

In the UK, the government are bringing in an apprenticeship levy, the details of which are still a bit sketchy, which prompted me to capture these details in a quick sketch at the excellent “Making Apprenticeships Work” event hosted by City & Guilds.

I’m all about apprenticeships. Proper apprenticeships. Not sausage-factory apprenticeships (unless it is actually in a sausage factory — which would probably be awful, but with obvious benefits…)

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