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Medium Needs a Fix

Please sort out the comments, annotation, and response mess

I get it. You don’t want to call yourself a blogging platform. So we don’t comment on article…we write responses. This is a mess.

I also know you have been working on this issue. The changes to the profiles were a step in the right direction…but we need more.

I had an ongoing conversation with Doug Belshaw on a story he wrote about privacy and free Apps in the Web Store. It would take three clicks to get back to the original source. People use the responses to have conversations and this makes for a shitty UX.

Then today I wanted to annotate an article published in the The Seventy Four. This is a school reform publication published by Campbell Brown’s group. The author Matt Barnum made some specific claims. I wanted to challenge those claims.

Every annotation created a new story. The responses are no-longer inline. I basically published three new stories 1–2 sentences long. This makes for a shitty UX.

Now my seven followers will get a link to my story with zero context. Maybe annotations just live within the article and responses are long form.

Your annotations were a differentiator in the platform. Why you changed this feature I will never know. I think removing the character limit was smart and the “read more” feature makes sense.

The problem: I did not write a story. I annotated an article.

ohh… one last small note. No Gabe Kleinman H2 is not the new H3. H3 is H3.

Update: with another small note number two. Let me choose my default license. It takes two clicks before I publish each article to assign my standard CC-BY-SA.