Updates wish list for ‘No Man’s Sky'

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It’s no secret I really like ‘No Man’s Sky’ (NMS). I really like aimlessly exploring, naming and just going from place to place, I’ve not followed the stories in any meaningful way, yet. Now I don’t expect Sean Murray or Hello Games to give in to ‘negative press’ and introduce elements into NMS that would upset the core principles of NMS, such as massive multiplayer FPS for example, but updates have been promised so I have penned my thoughts on what I would like to see.

Short stories.

Commissioned Sci-Fi writers to create a series of short stories and overlay them into the solar systems and or planets that encourage elements in the game such as trading and specific exploration. Neat short narratives as DLC would be amazing.

Space journal.

Add notes to the planets you discover. I mean every explorer had a notebook or log, come on.

Space stations.

Some variation on the design of each space stations would be cool, not procedural but a bunch of different types.

Space garage.

Not a base so to speak but somewhere you could create on a planet to store your ships so you can collect a few.

Ship handling tweaks.

I really want to be able to nose dive my ship better. I keep finding cool arches and such on planets and although I can perform a fantastic barrel roll what I really want is to shoot down low and fly through that make shift tunnel. It would just make me feel awesome.

Ship upgrades.

Upgrade parts of your ship. So you can change adjust handling yourself or just pimp your ride. Not too complicated or boring mind and also external camera views please, like Frontier : Elite 2 so I can screenshot my cool ship leaving a cool space station.

I’m sure that Hello Games have plenty of ideas but this my wish list.

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