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PODCAST: How to make money in Health Technology?

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In this episode, we speak with Anne De Gheest, Founder of HealthTech Capital. Anne shares with us the inside scoop on generating an ROI of 10X with her investments in health technology start-ups. We explore the evolving role of various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem and business models that failed vs those that succeed. Tune in to learn about Anne’s professional journey as an entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor.

Anne DeGheest pioneered the HealthTech or Digital Health space as a healthcare executive, an entrepreneur, angel investor, corporate advisor and mentor capitalist. She is the founder of HealthTech Capital and MedStars.

Since she founded MedStars in 1986, she has been a corporate development advisor to large healthcare companies and a mentor capitalist specializing in investing and mentoring early-stage companies in healthcare. Her life science portfolio companies have grown into major disruptive companies that have generated over $15 billion in market value. Anne founded in 2010 HealthTech Capital, a group of private investors dedicated to funding and mentoring new “HealthTech” startups to decrease healthcare cost and empower patients.

MBA from Harvard and a Master in Business Engineering from the University of Brussels.

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