An Anti-Thought Experiment

Try sunyata on for size

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

There’s nothing to do. You have no goals. You have no plans. You have no targets. You don’t need to achieve anything. Actually, you shouldn’t achieve anything. Why should you? That sounds like a lot of effort. Stop trying to do things. Stop pretending there’s anything for you to do, even if you wanted to. There’s nothing out there to act upon. You can’t influence a thing.

No-one else exists. They don’t possess anything, not even existence. They have no status, not even the status of being alive. They haven’t done anything. They haven’t achieved anything. They haven’t acquired anything. They’re all utterly irrelevant, figments of your imagination. Forget them.

There’s no such thing as time. There’s no such thing as forward motion. There’s no such thing as entropy. Everything is happening — or rather has happened — or rather will happen — at exactly the same instant, because there is only — was only — will only ever be — one instant. The Big Bang and the Big Freeze happen at the same time. Nothing you’ve done matters because you haven’t done it yet. Nothing you will do matters because you’ve already done it.

You don’t exist. You’re not unified. You’re not an entity. Maybe you think you remember some things, maybe you’re capable of some things and maybe you’ve imagined a couple of other things, but it’s all nothing. It’s not worth thinking about. Whatever ideas you have about how you’ve lived, what you’re like, how your story begins and ends — they’re all nonsense. You made it all up and accepted it without question. Don’t even bother questioning it. Just forget it.

The only things that exist are these feelings, potentialities and desires bubbling up and whizzing about — and maybe a couple of thoughts, but no need to waste much time on those.

What’s this feeling? Feels like energy. Not mystical energy, energised energy. It’s getting stronger. Really strong now. Impossible to deny. And what would be the point of denying it anyway. Better to let it have its way and see what happens. This should be interesting.

Time to move.



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Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi


Writer, composer and filmmaker, into soul music and Chinese philosophy. Editor @ The Small Dark Light