A List Of Fiction Publications On Medium

Zack Chapepa
Feb 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Ready to dive into fiction? Below we have a list of publications you can check out for fiction writing. Some are dedicated to fiction, some have a dedicated tab along with a variety of other content.

Hopefully by reading this, you’ll go around these places and learn how to submit your writings. Pay attention to the guidelines. They are different guidelines for every publication that includes their publishing schedules and such things.

How To Fiction

There are other writing publications you can utilize to further your craft and see what other writers are up to. These offer support and community around writing, whether it’s how to start your own crowdfunding campaign, how to self-publish, or help as far as editing your work.

How To Fiction and Cha-ching

Ready to tell your story and cash in on that sweet sweet money? Here’s a list of publications that offer payment for written work. Note: some of these are external, meaning they are not hosted by Medium.

Starting on Medium, and especially for fiction writers can be a hard thing, but the publications listed above can offer some help to help you connect with other writers and find an audience. This is by no means a completely exhaustive list. There are other publications we might not be aware of and you can help by letting us know in the comments which one you’ve discovered, too. In the mean time, check these out and see where they take you!

Publications listed here were created to our knowledge. If you have any you wish to let us know about, name them below this post, write a private note, email thesmallermed@gmail.com, send physical mail, send a letter with a pigeon, write a telegraph, send a smoke signal.

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A place for new writers navigate the Medium seas

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Writers Navigate

A place for new writers navigate the Medium seas

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