Remembering Her: Naked Hunger

Under the sun, birds soar, and ice crackles

In the beautiful yet freezing setting

Of a stage as breathtaking

As it is organic, flowing in currents as snowfall begins.

Visibility is deliciously elusive,

As I catch snowflakes

On my shivering tongue, thinking

Of distant moments that quietly whisper.

What is the taste, smell, sound

And colour of joy? I have one version

That begs to confess an experience

Described as magical, in a transcontinental setting.

Shall we record how diametrically opposite roots

Merge together in the act of love, practiced

Experimentally, as I explore the fleeting excitement

That coursed through me?

I am blessed to share it

With a woman ahead of her time,

Meandering through difficult realms

That define her challenges to this day.

She has golden hair, coupled

With pale skin, that is blemished

In rouge so easily and sometimes

Finds itself burned by Apollo’s gaze.

Her eyes twinkle with laughter

As precious as the sight

Of the Koh-i-Noor, if it too

Was formed of the Arabian Gulf waters.

Hardened stood I, before her nose

A sensitive, trembling entity

That flared if I dared

To incite a loss of temper.

Her teeth nibbled at times,

On food too lacking in quantity

Yet they knew their place,

When her tongue sought supremacy.

Her mouth was cavernous and plentiful,

For it gave and received joy indiscriminately,

While uncertain of its future, playing gently

With the soft muscle surrounding our cheeks.

We flew somewhere together, faced with

Cliffs so white and ancient stone

Engulfing our sense of ecstasy

As we beheld the marvels of the sea.

We sent our charges away, sometimes teasing

Each other, that we would be fine parents

For having sought out our desire above

The priorities of our children, as they learned

To swim.

We climbed on the other back, as waves crashed

On a rocky shore, I was pinned to a wall

She took her pleasure there, devouring me,

Hesitations cast to the wind in our passion.

Limping slightly, we became gluttons

Consumed by our naked hunger

Belying the thirst we shared for intimacy

That was meaningful, and touched us

At our core.

Becoming one is simple, and devastating

When we realise that one was always two

For there is little pleasure in separation

From that transcontinental land.