The Snail Mission
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The Snail Mission


Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

I saw the rainbow in the water
But I was black and had no place;
The dolphins swimming through the waves,
And me, a blobfish, bobbing for grace.

Look at the clouds
Wooed by white peacocks
Floating in a circle
On the clear blue pool.

I stood by the fence, staring at
A nobody, a nullity
I was a soldier, lost without a mission.
I was a comedian, mute with no quips.

They all think I’m crazy,
I know I can’t be loved.
Just take it away, take it all,
But leave me, blinded, broken,


Prompt: Outsiders

Written by Perfectfiresky




A collection of poetry and proses by The Little Inklings.

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The Little Inklings

The Little Inklings

The Snail Mission. The little duo who are slow (when it comes to deadlines) and like to eat, but occasionally go on strange adventures.

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