5 Reasons Why You NEED To Let H.P. Lovecraft Corrupt Your Brain

Who’s ready to have their brain defiled by eons of unmentionable gods?

Joe Garza
Joe Garza
Nov 7, 2019 · 7 min read

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.” — H. P. Lovecraft

1. He’ll Force You Into Hyper-Literacy With His Esoteric Vocables (i.e old-timey words)

2. He’s Probably Infected Your Favorite Artists & Works And You Don’t Even Know It

3. He Didn’t Write About Garden Variety Monsters Like Everyone Else Did — And Still Do





Elder Things

4. Nobody Concocts Opening Lines Quite Like Him

from “At the Mountains of Madness

I am forced into speech because men of science have refused to follow my advice without knowing why.

from “The Haunter of the Dark”

Cautious investigators will hesitate to challenge the common belief that Robert Blake was killed by lightning, or by some profound nervous shock derived from an electrical discharge.

from “The Call of Cthulhu”

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

from “The Thing on the Doorstep”

It is true that I have sent six bullets through the head of my best friend, and yet I hope to shew by this statement that I am not his murderer.

from “Dagon”

I am writing this under an appreciable mental strain, since by tonight I shall be no more.

5. Despite Writing About Evil Seafood, His Work Is Pretty Philosophical

“The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”

Bonus: You Can Read All Of HPL’s Tales Online For FREE (ok, you might have to sacrifice your sanity) So You Have No Excuse To Not Have Your Psyche Contaminated By His Spectral Fiction

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

A dog is a pitiful thing, depending wholly on companionship, and utterly lost except in packs or by the side of his master. Leave him alone, and he does not know what to do except bark and howl and trot about until sheer exhaustion forces him to sleep.

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