10 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs Messenger Bots

Apr 13, 2018 · 4 min read

“Hello, I am Flybo from Fly Wings Airlines”, I am an AI who will help you with your flight timings and other updates related to it”.

“Ohhh great, what is the status of my flight?”

“Please enter your flight number”


“Your flight will depart at 6.30 PM”

“Thanks a lot”

“Would you like to talk to an associate for further information; Select ‘A’ for Yes and ‘B’ for No”.


“One of our representatives will connect with you shortly”

“Sure Thanks”

“Thank you for choosing Fly Wings Airlines; Wish you a safe flight”


What you just read might have seemed quite familiar to you. Yes, that’s right! This is a Chat bot conversing on behalf of an airlines company with its customer.

AOL (America Online) had brought in an revolutionary era with these AI creatures. This concept isn’t new and now they are making a fantastic revival. Businesses know the significance of these little bots well and are using them tactfully to deliver information to their customers in a more personalized way.

They are quick, reliable and to-the-point!

Here are some awesome reasons why you need bots for your marketing.

1. Effortlessly create chat subscription list

Every time your chat bot talks to your visitors, giving them information or answering queries, it also builds up a list of their names and emails. Getting you a ready leads and prospects list that you can reach out to later.

This way you can save up on a lot of time when you need to send quick messages regarding a new product or service.

Fast and easy; right!

2. 24*7 Involvement

A Chat bot is there; it is doing its work diligently and you can pretty much be sure of that!

Without much monitoring, you are rest assured that your Chat bot is addressing the issues of the customers.

The customers too on the other hand feel secure knowing that someone is right around the corner to listen to them.

3. Pop it up

Chat bots are by far the best sources of pop-up notifications. If put into use wisely, they can be your buddies in notifying the customers.

For example, when a prospective customer arrives at your website, the chat bot can show-up and give out an option asking the person to chat on messenger. Mostly, people click on it out of curiosity and there you go!

4. Minimal hesitation

Chat bots are sensible yet emotionally detached, Sounds weird but that’s true!

Hence, anyone can talk to it without much skepticism. Customers feel free to ask as many questions as they want with minimum formalities.

That’s a huge relief for both the sides.

5. Choices get taken care of

Who doesn’t like to get their choices preferred and customized? Chat bots find out about the customer’s choices through subtle interactions. Let’s understand it with a short example of a cosmetic brand where the bot is using a messaging app to chat with the customer:

Chat bot: Hello, what is that one thing without which your day feels incomplete?

Customer: Umm, my matte lipstick!

Chat bot: Great! Why not give a try to our new range of Super Matte Finish Lip Colors? There are more than 30 shades out there. Go ahead, pick yours!

Customer: That’s amazing! Thanks.

6. Chat bots can be sales boosters

The possibilities with chat bots are unending.

Referring to the previous point, since chat bots can dig out preferred purchases of customers, it can send out special coupons, information about newly launched products or upcoming webinars. This in return helps in boosting up the sales significantly.

7. Little makes more

A chat bot involves very little investment in terms of money and gets you more. This creative concept can be used in different types of messenger apps which requires little human interference, thus saving labor costs.

8. Mobile-ready

Who wants to even breathe without his/her mobile?!!

In this age where there is hardly any app or website which isn’t mobile-friendly, messenger chats are the new sensation. They easily merge with various apps, emails, SMS, website modules etc. and interact casually with customers inquiring about their choices and preferences.

9. Creates shortcut

It can be quite aggravating for a customer to contact the company via phone or support for every tiny little thing. Messenger bots are online 24 hours which enables an individual to get in touch anytime and anywhere.

10. Do not worry, every time it’s not a chat bot

We are humans. To solve an issue at some point or the other we definitely need a more mature interaction which also ought to be higher at emotional degree.

Chat bots aren’t selfish that way, they let you talk to humans too!

While these little bots chat with you, they can also give you the option to talk to any real person. When you have a really complex problem and you feel like talking to a human being, you can easily move to a chat with a real person in most chat bot interactions.

Messenger bots have huge potential. They are a smooth assistant to your marketing plan, making the entire process exciting, lively and enjoyable for you and your client base.

Correctly set up, your chat bots can be a powerful driver of sales and can create a happier overall experience for your customers.

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