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5 reasons why chatbots are an important marketing tool

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If you have already heard this one line several times in the last few months, bear with me as I say it again: Conversational Marketing is now more relevant than ever. With most businesses having to move their operations online, whatever interactions they have with their customers are now almost fully digital. Apart from the impact of covid 19 on the way businesses generate leads, what stands out the most to me is this crazy stat that came up on a Neilson commissioned study on Facebook -

“Over 56% of those surveyed would rather message than call customer service.”

People are now looking for smart solutions and instant responses. As buyers we want to talk to a business one-on-one, we want it personalized and we want to be the ones setting the pace of this conversation. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? The idea of not having to go through a long and tedious communication channel sounds to me like a fresh cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. As a business, even though it might seem a little daunting at first, employing conversational marketing tactics helps you get your potential customers exactly where you want them to be, while also giving them what you want — at a fraction of the time.

Live chat experts at Drift have a wonderful explanation (and a helpful guide) for why conversational marketing is important for your business —

“The B2B buying process has become cold, impersonal, and way more painful for the buyer than it needs to be. The fix? We need to make business actually feel personal again.”

There are many ways to implement this for your business — but perhaps the most easy option is to use a chatbot. Let’s check out the advantages they offer to a small business:

  1. It is automated — You can set up as many automations as you want — your chatbot can provide automatic answers to some generic and frequent questions — thus eliminating the need for your team to always be there
  2. You can provide multiple targeted solutions at the same time — depending on the page your site visitor is — or the content they have interacted with in the past, you can not only offer relevant services, but also use your chatbot to promote your content and resources
  3. It is an always on channel — the main advantage of your chatbot is that it is always ready to answer your customers’ questions at the time that is most convenient to them
  4. It is easier than filling out a form — It’s easier (and quicker) for a buyer to interact with a chatbot because they get to directly address their problem first instead of filling out a form and waiting for a response
  5. It is insightful and engaging — As Hubspot rightly points out here, you can use the data from your chat to do more in depth research on your site visitors to figure out what they want, and optimize that information to give them the best results in the future, thus increasing the chances of a conversion



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