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New to Twitter? Use this five-step routine!


Yesterday marks over a month of me being active on Twitter. Even though I have had my Twitter account for four years, and have managed other companies’ accounts, I have somehow always been a lurker when it came to my own, never wanting to jump in and get my hands dirty.

After all, you should practice what you preach right? Keeping that in mind, I made the plunge. And discovered some interesting first steps to take to start with. Let’s take a look:

Post everyday

This one is a given. The most basic mantra that you should drill in your head. The best way to get discovered on any social media is to post consistently. But for Twitter, it is even more important because some of the factors Twitter uses to rank all tweets are recency and relevance. Write about the latest trends, learn to read the room, and make it interesting for your audience.

Don’t just retweet, quote tweet

Most of us go through a dry content spell, especially in the beginning. Two weeks in, I was so overwhelmed with the amount of content on this platform that I simply didn’t know what to write. A good way to deal with that writer’s block is to find some trending tweets and expand on the initial thought by using the quote tweet feature. This way, you have something to talk about and it is unique to yourself too.

Pay attention to the comments — interact

An underrated feature on Twitter is one of the most used features that defines all of social media — comments! Twitter’s algorithm and the way it is structured makes it easy to slip into conversations and make your voice heard. It helps a lot with visibility, but more than that, you are also opening yourself up to thousands of conversations on the internet. So definitely don’t shy away, and make the most of it!

Make lists

In recent years, Twitter has introduced several features for users to keep track of the ever-increasing amount of content on its platform. The ones that I have found incredibly useful are:


Twitter Lists help you make a list of users and sort them into groups. Very handy for industry-specific tweets and users.


Twitter helps you discover posts grouped together by topics you might be into.


Users can now start saving tweets that they want to come back to later.

Using hashtags and tagging people

Recently there has been some talk amongst marketers about the type of tweet that gets the most engagement — many think that it is plain text tweets that get maximum exposure, because they are all about providing value through content, nothing else.

While I do think that makes perfect sense, it might not be the best idea for someone who is just getting started on this platform. My advice to you would be to use trending hashtags by all means, but moderately. The same applies to links. Also, if you are tweeting about someone (a person or a company) that has a large following on Twitter, by all means, tag them! It alerts them to your content and also gets you extra traffic.

BONUS: Reach out to people!

Twitter is one of the most open and accessible platforms I have used so far. And it is always a good idea to send someone a note of appreciation if you enjoyed their content. As explained to me by my new Twitter friend Mustafa (@mkhundmiri on Twitter, go follow him!), you might just end up making a new friend, or land a new gig.



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