Facebook Graph Search Optimisation Hacks

This is part two of my Facebook Graph Search Optimisation series, here you can find my Facebook Graph Search Basics post.

Facebook’s Graph Search tips for businesses post gives Facebook SEO ninjas a number of key areas to hack away further to dominate Facebook Graph results. Initially I expect the low hanging fruit with the fastest return on investment coming from the following areas:

Content Optimisation


Because of its semantic nature, Graph Search initially limits the query strings to a set number of content types. Content that includes photos and keywords related to locations, times and events all adhere to the suggested query string format. Creating photo albums on your Page that mash up the semantic query types is the most obvious way to generate ROI from minimal effort here.

Likely long term wins, worth initial and ongoing effort.


Keyword Spam

Facebook gives Page owners the following tip “The name, category, vanity URL, and information you share in the “About” section all help people find your business and should be shared on Facebook.”

This presents an opportunity to attack the Graph Search algorithm through keyword optimisation in the above Page sections — the expectation here is that at least initially, the Algorithm will suffer from a lack of data to calibrate how it determines spam keyword practices vs genuine content. This Graph hack will likely require constant maintenance to stay ahead of algorithm changes similar to spammy SEO techniques for Google/Bing’s algorithm, in addition to detracting from the perceived value of Pages by fans, so use this sparingly.

Easy wins, but likely only temporary. Worth some attention.


Sponsored Search Results

The hidden gem in the announcement was: “Pages and apps can still use sponsored results, which appear to people whether or not they have Graph Search (sponsored results have been globally available since August 2012). There are no new ad formats available today. Here is more information on creating a sponsored result.”

In my experience, the sponsored search results ad unit has been super cheap on a CPC basis. The new Graph Search results page style is likely to increase the quality of clicks and decrease your CPA from campaigns using this ad unit (Sponsored Results Ads in the drop down search box tend to generate a high percentage of accidental clicks). Being a first mover to adopt Graph Search PPC while demand from competitors is low is key to extracting the highest potential ROI while costs are at their lowest.

This Graph Search hack is more involved, and requires ongoing maintenance to ensure ROI as the demand for ad inventory increases, but is likely to be a massive area for growth for Facebook as they release additional Graph Search ad units as they attempt to expand revenue, opening up opportunities for Pages with experience optimising Graph Search Sponsored Result campaigns.