Second impressions on Facebook UI changes (Facebook un-screws advertisers)

Facebook Activity Feed Advertising Changes

1) Facebook just screwed advertisers over by making the ‘friendfeed’ hover over the ads when you scroll (Expect ad CTR to fall — why Facebook didn’t make the ads hover with the friendfeed as well I have no idea)

2) Edgerank optimisation of page posts seems less important now — with all news posts being shown most recent first (unless you can make that coveted top most relevant post position)

3) Looks like the experience will be best enjoyed by those with a Dunbar ‘normal’ 150 friends or so — those with large networks will be swamped with updates.

The changes are definitely aimed at Google+, which is more information sharing centric (in order to power Google’s social algorithms behind the main search engine results) — and is key to Facebook making the move to ‘social search’ and taking the battle to Google proper.

Overall I don’t mind the changes (but will have to adapt to them still), what are your thoughts?

[UPDATE] Second Impression: Looks like Facebook listened to advertisers — now the entire right hand column/activity feed/ads hover as you scroll down the page — keeping the ads visible, i’d be interested to see whether this actually improves CTR with the ads now visible the entire time people are looking at their news feed. (if anyone has any numbers — I’d love to see them)

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