6/16 Social FYI: Video REALLY matters, Relationship Metrics, and Dead Mediums.

Facebook News Feed algorithm to track how long users spend reading stories This is an important metric. If your article had more read time it will be promoted higher on the stream. Another reminder to create the best content. I’m sure will be valuable to FB ad revenue if they can deliver a 5 min. read. This is equally valuable to publishers if they show preference to this type of engagement over the ‘like’ because your content will actually get read.

Introducing autoplay video and a new standard for viewability on Twitter. Auto-play has been a huge win for Facebook and it will also be a win for twitter.

Give time to your fans: Use the tools available today, care more, show the extra effort — People matter! Why Twitter Video Matters Re: @GaryVee

7 Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions

How does social media fit into a marketing strategy when a non-profit’s focus is quite donation driven. Social Media for Non-Profits: High-Impact Tips and the Best Free Tools

“73% of marketers identified brand awareness as a goal of their content. But do the metrics you use to evaluate your content actually map to this goal?”
4 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Efficiency With Relationship Metrics

Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate
My Three Favorite Blogging Tips by @TedRubin

Apple News curation will have human editors and that will raise important questions. Curating a genre of music is one thing, Curating the news raises a lot of questions.

How Snapchat’s CEO Plans to Conquer the Advertising World
The app represented a fundamental change in the digital mindset. +Swipe left 2x’s “Discover” is pretty spectacular and brands can reach their demo by creating stories. (available for 24 hours.)

Culture matter…perhaps most!

The 8 Essential Steps to Building a Winning Company Culture

Dead Mediums Matter
Why Mathematicians Are Hoarding This Special Type of Japanese Chalk

I am fascinated by this story, It reminds me to the likes of the rise of Moleskine notebooks. I don’t think this will be the end of Hagoromo Fulltouch….Just wait until the chalk artists discover and demand this (in it’s original form.)

7 future web design trends The fold really is dead this time.”

Be the practitioner of social media — “Practition!” Don’t just read about social, don’t just read these tips, tricks and good advice. Learn how to use twitter videos, snapchat, vine, medium, soundcloud and use them everyday. As @GaryVee passionately pleas — Practition social!
Thanks for the reminder!

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero
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