Image: Ryan McGuire, Gratisography


  • How to organise your feeds
  • Locating video, images and sources from a specific location, and the ethics of using eyewitness material
  • Verification. How to spot fakes and scams
  • How to use social media to track people down and for research
  • How to find out what’s trending and dig to the bottom of trends
  • More resources


Here’s a fun video I made while at Stanford…!

Get started:

✳️ Organise

✳️ Locate

✳️ Verify

✳️ Search

✳️ Trending

✳️ More…

With thanks to…




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Cordelia Hebblethwaite

Cordelia Hebblethwaite

Commissioning editor for @bbcideas — short films for curious minds. Via @BBCNewsnight, @JSKStanford, @BBCTrending and more. Wrote

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