4 ways to edit Facebook link preview

Since last July, Facebook disabled the function to modify link preview in response to fake news & link baits. The move raised the anger of social media managers and publishers. Because it greatly affected their professional works with their clients.

It’s really painful for all of us…

Hundreds of comments found on the Facebook news — Modifying link previews
  1. Yoast saves your life (for Wordpress users)
    If you are using Wordpress to publish your content, you are the lucky one. You can install the free plugin — Yoast to change the link preview tags easily. In each article, simply enter the Facebook post title, description and upload the link thumbnail in Yoast and you’re good to go. :-)
  2. Edit the Open Graph tags
    Unfortunately, if you have a standalone website, you may need to contact your developer for help. You’ll need to follow the Open Graph Protocol defined by Facebook. In particular, the following tags should be edited:
    => og:title, the facebook post title
    => og:description, the faecbook post description
    => og:image, the link preview image (preferably 1.9:1, best at 1200px width : 630px height)
    After the tags are changed, you’ll need to clear the cache in Facebook debugger. Otherwise, Facebook will keep loading the old version.
  3. Claim your “Link Ownership”
    If you are a publisher, you can find a new section in the page publishing tools called “Link Ownership”. Publishers can begin authorizing their Pages to modify link attachments from their website domains. If you are a publisher and you do not see the Link Ownership tab in your Page’s publishing tools, you can find your partner manager.
  4. Of course, you can try SocialPort.io!
    With SocialPort.io, you can fill in a web form with your post title, description and link preview image. We’ll generate a short link for your sharing. Besides changing link preview, it also allows you to embed a Facebook Pixel inside. So you can track all visitors who click the link.

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