Security’s improved to prevent spamming and pornography

Since day one, we’ve written very clear that will not accept spamming, pornography, violence and any other forms of service abuse.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that many users are trying to abuse our service with programmatic links generation. These short links will lead visitors to strange websites (I will first check them with virus scanner). I can’t describe the websites because many of them are in foreign languages I can’t recognize.

What’s even worse is that the link preview images are often pornography, i.e. NSFW. It may be quite embarrassing when my neighbour colleague notices that.

“Hey, I’m checking user data to see if any harmful information is uploaded.”

It sounds like a good excuse to watch porn at work….


We’ll not tolerate equal to a tool for porn, spamming tool. Starting from today, we’ve improved checking for links generation. If there are any suspicious activities happening in your account, your account will be immediately suspended without further notice.

This is to ensure that all users will enjoy a stable service. If our service is deteriorated because of a small number of users, it’ll be unfair to the real users who‘re trying to improve their social marketing strategy.

Last but not least, this is just the first step to improve our service security.