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Socialport.io is the URL shortener to edit link previews and increase ad conversion.

It’s suitable for online store owners, social media managers and publishers.

We made Socialport.io because our Shopify customers couldn’t change link previews easily. They need to tweak with coding, which make them feel painful as most of them are not having a technical background.

Also, many of them are facing have-traffic-no-sales problem. They spent a large amount of ad budget on Facebook or Instagram. But very often, they don’t know where their money is spent.

They can see traffics coming from Facebook but they don’t know why the customers’re gone.

We’re not going to make another tech toy like AI, big data shit, VR/AR, drone, etc. Just a simple tool for you to solve a headache problem. That’s what I want to achieve.

This is because I am like most of you. Grinding all the time to make it work. No rich dad, no angel behind, Solo, bootstrapping, even failed for almost 10 years.

Yes, you’re right, almost 10 years for various projects. (Who am I?)

How can SocialPort help you?

  • Edit link previews without the help of tech guys
    Social platforms will read the social meta tags of your web page to generate link previews. In other words, you need to study open graph and other protocols. 
    With SocialPort, you can fill in a web form. Upload an image. Generate a short link. When the link is shared, you can see the link preview you want.
the link preview of an online store’s backpack product (before & after)
  • Build your custom audience before spending Facebook ads
    If you want a high ad conversion rate and lower CPC, Facebook need to determine the right audience for your ads. If your account doesn’t have enough data, it’s hard for Facebook to do so. So you’ll need to install Facebook Pixel for all pages in your website. Waiting for Pixel to collect enough data and improve the result itself. 
    With SocialPort, you can embed Pixel to the short link. It means that you can share content owned by other 3rd parties. When the content is viewed, users will be tracked as the custom audience.
Original Video: Set up a custom audience with short links
  • Track the click rate of a third party service
    If you are cooperating with a marketing partner like a KOL, you can distribute a short link to him. When he shares the link, click rate and audience can be tracked by us and Facebook Pixel.

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